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Coming soon on HTC Vive, iPhone, Daydream and Sony PSVR.
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Virtual Music Community

Think of Endless Riff as a virtual music community. You can hang with your friends in VR around the music you love. See shows wherever you are. The experience starts on our own island in your own private RV. From there, teleport to festivals, venues, and see artists up close and live. We are building it so we can all come together and rock on. Get ready!

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Who We Are:

Mark Iannarelli
Co-Founder & CEO

Andrei Averbuch
Co-Founder & CTO

Ernest Brooks
CFO & Corporate Secretary

Laurie Jakobsen
Communications Advisor


Chris Belicose
Director of Operations

Lloyd Molander
Special Advisor

AJ Benson
Music Advisor

Justin Taylor
HR Advisor


Kyle Meredith
Content Programing Leader

Piotr Motykiewicz
Platform Advisor

Brian Miller


Steve Haines
Director of Technology


Jillian Kelleher
Special Advisor

Mike Brown
Design & Content Administrator


Max Schaffer
Design & Product Generalist


Natalie Fernandez
Business Relations Manager
- West Coast


Advisory Board:

Mike Rich | Advisor & Entrepreneur in Residence; .

Mike has over 20 years of industry expertise in digital media programming, product marketing and audience development with companies including Aol (Head of Music and Video), RCA Records (A&R), Bertelsmann (Digital Marketing), RadioOne (Chief Product Officer) and Time Inc. Leading many of the award winning brands to the #1 position in their sector.

Benji Rogers | CEO & Co-Founder, dotBlockchain Music

A British-born, New York-based entrepreneur, technologist, musician, and the CEO and co-founder of the dotBlockchain Music Project – a new music metadata standard protocol. A pioneer of the direct artist-to-fan model of music distribution, Rogers founded PledgeMusic in 2009, which is now one of leading artist-to-fan platforms online with more than 4 million users and over 50,000 artists. 

Steve Savoca | Digital Media Executive

Seasoned digital executive with 20 years experience leading innovation, evolution and growth in the global music industry with companies including Spotify (VP, Content), Domino Recording Co. (Head of Digital) and Zomba Label Group (Director, Digital).

Evan Harrison | CEO, Huka Entertainment

Prior to joining Huka Entertainment as CEO of the independent creator and producer of large scale destination-location music festivals such as Pemberton Music Fest in British Columbia, and Tortuga Music Fest in Ft. Lauderdale. Harrison led the creation of the multi-platform iHeartRadio as the company’s Digital President. Under his leadership, AOL became the #1 online music destination with innovative programming such ‘AOL Sessions’ and the Award-winning ‘First Listen’ program. 


David has over 20 years of public and private equity experience investing growth capital in businesses ranging from start-ups to mature companies. Since founding Talara Capital in 2010, David has raised nearly $1 billion, investing in various energy, infrastructure, and technology companies.  He has chaired or held seats on numerous boards of directors.  In addition, David is an avid musician and songwriter who recently built Exit 151 Studios in Montclair for music production and film scoring.  


Jeff is a multi-disciplined creative executive who's been at the crossroads of creative, tech and marketing for the last 15 years, with a wide array of practical, hands-on creative and production experience. He is currently part of a team overseeing all creative, development and production for the Live Nation LIVE group's emerging media, XR and live broadcast initiatives, which have included content programs with distribution partners such as Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Samsung, Hulu, NextVR, and TuneIn, and brand partnerships with a wide variety of top global brands.


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