9.15 Jodie & The Normals at 8:30p ET
8:30 PM20:30

9.15 Jodie & The Normals at 8:30p ET

Jodie and the Normals is a Manhattan based trio that delivers the soul, excitement, and character that you can expect from a favorite NYC band. They have created such a tight knit and dynamic trio that online fans are often surprised to see just three members up on stage. With witty lyrics, catchy melodies, fresh arrangements and exquisite harmonies, Jodie and the Normals offer something for everyone.

"The Normals" as they are sometimes called, is a marriage of three very close friends who have come together to write, perform, and make people feel good with their music: songwriter, vocalist, & pianist, Jodie Levinson, trumpeter, percussionist & vocalist, Luis Camacho and guitarist, arranger & songwriter, Zack Schwartz. Please like and subscribe to our page at facebook.com/jodieandthenormals. We look forward to connecting with you!

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