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Sarah Jaffe at Rockwood Music Hall

For 28-­‐year-­‐old singer-­‐songwriter Sarah Jaffe, Don’t Disconnect is both a mission statement and a call to arms -­‐-­‐ an album about getting to know yourself in a hyper-­‐ connected world that makes it nearly impossible to do just that. The leadoff track from the Texas-­‐born musician’s third LP sets the tone: “Middle of the line/ Middle of the road,” Jaffe sings over mid-­‐tempo beats on “Ride It Out,” “Nowhere to hide on this logical plateau/ Gunna have to ride it out.” “Riding it out” -­‐-­‐ that is, facing your reality and learning how to cope with it, is a powerful opening credo for an album titled Don’t Disconnect, which emphasizes the power of staying truly “connected” without unplugging from the world around you.

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