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9.28 Sean McConnel 9p ET

"From a very young age, I just knew that I was gonna spend my life making music," Sean McConnell states.  "I never really questioned it, so I just forged ahead and didn't let anything stop me."

Although his self-titled new Rounder album will serve as his introduction to many listeners, the personable young artist is actually a seasoned, distinctive songwriter and an experienced performer with a quartet of D.I.Y. indie releases to his credit.  Having built a substantial grass-roots fan base through tireless touring and old-fashioned hard work, McConnell is primed for a mainstream breakthrough.

Sean McConnell demonstrates exactly why McConnell has already won such a devoted audience.  He writes vivid, forthright, effortlessly catchy songs whose incisive melodic craft is matched by their resonant emotional insight.  Such instantly memorable tunes as "Holy Days," "Beautiful Rose," "Bottom of the Sea" and "Best We've Ever Been" are both catchy and personally charged, conveying an unmistakable sense of personal experience while exploring universal truths.

"This record's a bit of a step for me," McConnell asserts.  "It's a real storyteller record, and it's pretty autobiographical.  I'm learning how to be more honest and understated in my writing, and I wanted to match that sonically and vocally.  When I look at this collection of songs, I see a lot of nostalgia, and looking back on sacred moments.  I'm kind of nostalgic and reflective by nature."

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