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3.22 LaBaq at 7p ET

One of the most mentioned names when happens to talk about the new indie music scene in Brazil, LaBaq has strength and kindness in her voice and electric guitar. Releasing her debut álbum in 2016, • v o a •, has more than 155.000 listeners/month on Spotify, being a target when the subject is a singer, composer, guitar player and producer from the new generation.

On tour through the independent music circuit in Europe and Latin America, the artist comes from a 2017 counting more than 80 concerts at festivals, theaters and other venues in Poland, Russia, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the list goes on. Having her solo concert well received by audience and critics, LaBaq was the opening act for Morcheeba (UK), Baiana System (BR) and Maria Gadu (BR).  In 2018 performs at SXSW (Austin/Texas/USA) as one of the artists representing her country.

In Brazil, LaBaq is signed with the label Rosa Flamingo (2013), in Portugal, belongs to the label Omnichord Records (2012).