Social Music VR Platform Endless Riff To Make NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall First Virtualized Venue To Livestream Concerts in VR


New York, NY,  June 14, 2017 - Endless Riff, a social music virtual reality (VR) platform that provides new ways for fans to experience and consume live, recorded and self-captured music together, has announced a partnership with New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall, making it the first virtual concert venue in social VR.

Using networked VR tools, Endless Riff has created an intricate virtual Rockwood Music Hall environment and will begin livestreaming shows into the VR environment this month. The partnership will also give music lovers a key into Rockwood’s extensive concert archive, with additional features to follow.

“Our goal with Endless Riff is to create an endless virtual music festival, where fans from all over the world connect and bond through live music without having to travel any distance,” Mark Iannarelli, Endless Riff CEO, said. “We have the tools to virtualize a cherished music venue such as Rockwood Music Hall, and the platform to share it with music fans all over the world. This partnership will be a showcase of what VR can do for live music, and we look forward to extending our network to more venues - modern, historical and imagined.”

“Rockwood Music Hall has been providing music lovers a home in New York City for more than a decade, with a focus on hot, up-and-coming acts,” Ken Rockwood, Rockwood Music Hall founder and owner, said. “Thanks to Endless Riff’s stunning technology and accessible platform, millions will join them in the crowd and be exposed to the Rockwood experience and that same great music.”

Endless Riff also aims to unlock the enormous commercial opportunity for VR in the live music space, giving artists, venues, content owners and producers another avenue to monetize their work, including a variety of branded content experiences.

The platform is currently available in open beta in the Oculus Rift store, where users can watch curated playlists with friends (via life-like avatars) within the interactive app. It will become available on additional devices throughout 2017.

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About Endless Riff
Endless Riff is a social music VR platform that provides new ways for fans to experience live, recorded and self-captured music together. A “virtual music festival,” Endless Riff allows music lovers to consume, communicate and bond over live performances, archived and exclusive “b-roll” content within existing, former, or new virtual venues. Using networked VR tools, the platform offers content across a broad variety of capture technologies including 2D, 3D and 360 degree video. Endless Riff was founded by CEO Mark Iannarelli and CTO Andrei Averbuch in 2015. For more information, please visit

About Rockwood Music Hall
In the heart of New York City’s Lower East Side, Rockwood Music Hall hosts over 450 shows a month. Seven days a week, scores of local, national and globally known acts can be seen on its three intimate stages. Renowned for its world class sound and atmosphere, it’s no wonder GQ called it “The best place in the world to listen to new music”. For more information on Rockwood Music Hall, please visit

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