CES 2018


CES 2018! 

Las Vegas, the Entertainment capital of the world, was the perfect host to the world’s largest tech conference. As a first time attendee, I was excited to dive in and see what the innovators of tomorrow had for us and, I got to tell you, the future looks comfortable! 

Everything from open-source robots, Aibo - the cutest robot dog, smart homes driven by AI that reacted to your voice, Foldimate - the robotic folding appliance, everyday normal-looking sunglasses that were fully AR, Designer VR headsets, haptic body suits, brainwave-hacking headbands to help focus or meditate, 3D-printing machines the size of a photo album, 8K laser televisions, 3D screens without the need for glasses, 5G streaming, and of course, autonomous cars and semi-trucks ready to be on our roads this year. 

The dizzying collection of tech left me with more bags than I could carry of brochures and business cards — so many dots to connect! The VR industry was all a buzz over the unveiling of the HTC Vive Pro! I got a chance to test the HMD out and the hype was real! The design was streamlined for longer use and the visuals were crystal clear. All the exciting features to make our VR experiences even more immersive. 

Immersive was the hot word in every panelists mouth. Countless panels on how to make the world smarter, safer, easier, and more efficient. From fitness panels where CEO’s shared their newest wearable technology that read all your vitals, helping you optimize your goals from a simple app to creating smart cities that connected to consumer wearables for up-to-the-minute information on how to best navigate through pedestrian traffic. This year’s Winter Olympics will be streamed on 5G through 8K resolution. I know, I had to wrap my brain around that one too!

Facebook’s C-Space had a few panels focused mainly on how the music business will evolve in this rapidly changing AI, VR, AR world.  Panelists from Qualcomm, Pandora, and even LiveNation all joined to share their insights. Their overall outlook was optimistic about bridging these immersive technologies and bringing it to the artist’s already established fanbase. The industry is excited about bringing high quality subscription-based content to fans around the world. I was personally surprised how little music there was at CES. There were headphone manufacturers and speakers but only Gibson was there to represent the music industry.  There’s always NAMM! 

My personal takeaway from CES was ENDLESS RIFF will be dominating in the social music VR platform since I didn’t see any other company offering what Endless Riff offers. There was a palpable need as I spoke to different VR companies on how they have yet to come up with an exciting way to stream live content to their customers. Very exciting! Also, the music industry is searching for ways to connect the dots of all this innovative technology and their artist’s audience. Remember, the recording industry began with engineers bringing technology meant for other uses and began creating what we now know as recording studios. Tech and music are the slices of bread — Innovation is the peanut butter and jelly. All we have to do as creatives is look outside of our small studios, above our music books, and get our fingers on the tech pulse. I have my fingers on the pulse! Do you?

See you next year at CES 2019!! Now, off to NAMM 2018!

Signing off, 

Natalie Fernandez